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Looking for a commercial skip hire?

Commercial skips for

If you're moving your office from one building to another, moving one department to another floor, or going through a renovation and clearing out your unwanted possessions and equipment, choose our commercial skip hire.

 •  Mechanical equipment

 •  Computers and laptops

 •  Office furniture

 •  Desks and seats

 •  Carpets and decorative items

Choose us for your commercial skip hire

If you're looking for competitively priced skip hire for your business, then that's what we can provide for you. However long you need a commercial skip for, and however many you need for your business purposes, we'll make sure we have the perfect size and the right number of skips for all your needs.

Clearing out your shop

If you run a shop with specialised items for sale, our commercial skip hire can be used for whatever materials you have in your possession, whether small and light, or large and heavy.

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